LAUNCH EVENT: 29th April 2021
CONSUMER PROMOTION: Starting from 10th May 2021


Contact Lens confidence starts with the ACUVUE® 21 Day Challenge

Supported by ACUVUE® ambassador Katarina Johnson-Thompson, the ACUVUE® 21 Day Challenge is more than a 3-week challenge, it is a tremendous opportunity to offer simple, targeted support to patients during those crucial first few weeks of contact lens wear and improve retention.


The ACUVUE® 21 Day Challenge is a brand new 3-week support plan designed to:

  • Build contact lens confidence that lasts beyond patient's trial
  • Provide tailored support throughout the contact lens trial
  • Communicate at critical points on contact lens patient's journey


How it works

When your contact lens patient starts a new contact lens trial, simply encourage them to sign up to our 3-week programme:


Week 1: practice and technique

Practical tips and information sent directly via email to help patients overcome fears about putting on and taking off contact lenses

Week 2: building confidence

A range of resources to help build confidence, along with advice and guidance from real-life wearers who have been there and found success

Week 3: celebrating life with lenses

Tips and creative ideas for making the most of contact lenses, with reminders to check back with you in case of problems and at the end of the challenge.


Speak to your ACUVUE® Account Manager to find out more