Healthy Eyes, Happy Patients

Course summary

Are you meeting patient needs? A ‘healthy’ vision correction option meets both the functional and emotional needs of your patient. These may differ between patients, and can change over time. The eye care professional’s ability to improve patients’ lives, through delivery of healthy vison correction options and their role in preventative medicine continues to evolve. 

At the Johnson & Johnson Institute we have refreshed and updated our popular ‘Healthy eyes & healthy practices’ course to reflect contemporary contact lens practice and the latest patient insights.

With the increasing number of contact lens options available and the demands of life today, the benefits of promoting and prescribing healthy contact lens wear have never been greater. This course is designed to help you understand and satisfy your patients’ needs, and drive patient loyalty.

This innovative one-day course will:

  • Lead you through a series of case study-based discussions sharing best practice with fellow Eye Care Professionals and experts
  • Provide hands-on workshops to help you communicate the benefits of different contact lens types to your patients
  • Present novel practical sessions designed to influence behaviour change and thereby promote healthy contact lens wear
  • Arm you with confidence to proactively discuss prevention rather than management of complications
  • Help you develop strategies to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty to your practice

What the course involves

This hands-on course takes place at the state-of-art facilities of the Johnson & Johnson Institute using inter-room HD video technology, interactive electronic voting, HD video slit lamps and many innovative teaching materialsExperience the state-of-the-art facilities of the Johnson & Johnson Institute

Learning objective

Taking an holistic approach to looking after your patients’ eye health and practising preventative eye care

Understand how patient characteristics and needs influence the choice of lens, and how this may change with time

Understand the importance of contact lens material and design properties and their clinical implications

Understand the performance merits of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses and how each has a place in contemporary contact lens practice




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