Johnson & Johnson Vision are delighted to announce a series of CET webinars, allowing you to gain interactive CET points from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose! Covering a range of topics and competencies, there is sure to be something that piques your interest.


Can you handle it?

17th June 5pm GMT

Clair Bulpin

It is not easy or a ‘given’ that someone will be able to learn how to wear and handle contact lenses successfully. The eye care professional and contact lens practice play a fundamental role in the journey the patient has to take from novice to confident and experienced wearer. The webinar will cover why getting contact lens handling right is so important for the future success of contact lens use, giving an insight into what patients feel and think in the process, and will talk about how to deliver ‘best-practice’ instruction sessions and home support.

Embracing Myopia Management

24th June 5pm GMT
Professor Ed Mallen
Myopia is the number one eye health threat of the 21st century if we do nothing about it. This session will help ECPs to understand what different interventions have been trialled to slow myopia progression, how some of these results are promising for the future, and lastly, why it is important to continue researching the science behind myopia and myopia control. By understanding the nature of the condition and the technical aspects of the efficacy of interventions, we can gain an appreciation that optimal solutions for practitioners and their patients.

Growing demand for Multifocal Contact Lenses

Date TBC

Changing demographics, more active lifestyles and the fact that many new presbyopes are existing contact lens wearers are all growing demand for a multifocal contact lens that allows eye care professionals to continue to deliver excellent care. In this webinar you will learn how the needs of the ageing eye are met by the new generation of multifocal contact lenses and the technical features they have for advanced performance.

Revisiting the opportunity of contact lenses

15th July 6pm GMT
Professor Phil Morgan
The return of more patients to eye care practices over the summer of 2020 provides an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate systems, procedures, attitudes and habits around eyecare. For teenages, there is good evidence that contact lenses transform lives, but how do we ensure we are providing the most appropriate contact lenses to meet their needs and how can we ensure these patients remain happy wearers into adulthood? This session will address these questions.