UV You can't run, but you can hide!


As eye care professionals you have an increasingly important clinical role to play; patients expect you to be able to identify and proactively recommend the best personalised solutions, not only for visual performance, but also for their long-term eye health.

With patients living longer and leading more active lifestyles, their exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation spans throughout their lifetime. This exposure puts patients at a risk of not just ocular complications, but also potential health concerns, such as skin cancer.

Patients are increasingly looking to health care professionals to ensure that they are informed and cared for and it is important that as eye care professionals you provide the best advice and management. In the case of UV radiation, where patient’s understanding and awareness is poor, the role of the clinician to explain and safely manage patients now and for long term health is crucial.

This innovative one-day course has been developed by experts and will:

  • Help you understand why ocular and skin damage occurs from exposure to ultraviolet radiation
  • Lead you to become more confident in identifying the hidden risks of ultraviolet radiation and how to manage these, particularly with regards to the eyes
  • Lead you through innovative workshops to provide you with skills to communicate the risks of UV radiation on the eye effectively to your patients
  • Help you gain necessary skills to become more confident in explaining the value of ocular protection from the transmission of UV radiation to all your patients


  • Pre-course elements with useful materials to ensure you have maximum benefit from valuable workshops and peer to peer activities when you attend in person for the course 
  • Experience the state-of-the-art facilities of THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE®
  • Take part in a variety of hands on workshops and interactive lectures that will take you through how important your role is in helping protect your patient’s ocular health from the transmission of ultraviolet radiation
  • Use novel new technology to look at hidden signs of damage caused by ultraviolet radiation
  • Interact with peers and experts to ensure you are confident in how to implement any new insights when you go back to practice
  • An exciting post-course element to complete the programme and ensure you are supported as you put your newly gained skills and knowledge into practice, thereby enhancing the care you provide to your patients


  • Understanding the short and long term effects of solar radiation on the eye
  • Understanding the similarities and differences between the skin and the eye
  • Understanding the importance of ocular protection from the transmission of UV and how to achieve it
  • How to effectively communicate to patients the harmful effects UV radiation and how to help protect against its transmission

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