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A more common condition than you may think

In the UK, 47% of patients have astigmatic vision correction needs, with 24% having astigmatism in both eyes and 23% being monocular astigmats , but toric contact lenses only represent 20% of fits.1,2

There are a number of reasons for this low take-up, but with an estimated 800,000 astigmats in the UK wanting to try contact lenses, there is also an incredible business opportunity for you to take advantage of.1

1. Young G et al. Prevalence of Astigmatism in Relation to Soft Contact Lens Fitting. Eye and Contact Lens 2011; 37 (1): 20-25.


Know your patients

Proactive recommendation is crucial for potential wearers

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies conducted research with both patients and Eye Care Professionals to better understand vision correction for astigmats:1

  • The results revealed low levels of awareness among patients that contact lenses could correct their astigmatism
  • Patients both expect and want guidance from their Eye Care Professional and tend to think that contact lenses are simply not an option to correct their astigmatism
  • We discovered that patients are extremely interested in learning more about toric lenses once they know they are an option
  • Research also identified that Eye Care Professionals assume patients would enquire about contact lenses for astigmatism if they were interested, but they don't

A successful outcome starts with a conversation. Being proactive is the first step towards providing your patients with the benefits and freedom offered by toric contact lenses.

1. Sulley A et al. What your patients don't know about astigmatism. BCLA conference presentation 2012.

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