Take a moment to consider how to harness the latest research findings to help you stay at the cutting edge of contact lens practice and increase patient satisfaction.

Hear from the Experts

Hear from the experts

Hear what Stuart Todd, Senior Manager Global Strategic Insights, with a background in psychology has to say about the needs of contact lens wearers and considerers

Research among over 15,000 people in seven countries has improved our understanding of patient needs.1, 2

Discover the Facts

NEW Discover the facts

How do patients gain from a contact lens recommendation centred on their needs?

A personalised approach to prescribing can increase patient satisfaction and improve long-term outcomes.3


Rethink your management


Do you really know the patient in front of you?

Ask probing questions to help uncover each patient’s individual lifestyle and eye physiology needs and uncover any compensating behaviours.


Use this in practice

How can you match the right lens to the right patient?

ACUVUE® Brand portfolio with EYE-INSPIRED Design meets different patients' needs


1. JJV data on file, 2015. Global Consumer Survey, N = 3,232 consumers 16 - 45 yrs old USA, UK, Russia, China, Korea, & Japan
2. Roussopoulou E and Rose M. Contact lens wearers’ attitudes and needs: Similarities and differences Presentation at British Contact Lens Association Clinical Conference, May 2015
3. Meyler J, Pall B & Todd S. Changing the Conversation. Optician 2017; 253:6584 26-29