Take a moment to consider how to harness the latest research findings to offer a better service to your patients and help grow your contact lens business

Hear from the Experts

Hear from the experts

Anna Sulley from Global Medical Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Vision explains what we can do to help keep new wearers in contact lenses?

Meeting patients' needs and providing excellent vision, comfort and handling are all key to retention.1,2

Discover the Facts

NEW Discover the facts

How is our thinking on contact lens dropout changing?

Dropout can happen surprisingly quickly, and different strategies are needed to help retain patients in contact lenses through a lifetime of wear.3


Rethink your management


Why should you review your contact lens training?

Only one in four wearers are satisfied with the way they are taught to put lenses on and remove them.4 Ensure your optical assistants are skilled and confident in Application and Removal Training.


Use this in practice

What can you do to enhance your support for new wearers?

A simple follow up call to new wearers can significantly impact contact lens success and improve practice efficiency.


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