We wanted to make you aware that the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies Eye Education App will be undergoing maintenance between 21/12/15 and 08/01/16. We cannot guarantee that CET points will be awarded for any Courses completed during this time. Therefore please ensure that you complete any Courses that you wish to gain CET for in this cycle by 20/12/15.

Additionally we would like to inform you that CET points will be changing to non-interactive from 1st January 2016. We are reviewing how to best support you to gain interactive CET points in ways which will be suitable with changing GOC regulations.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the Eye Education app. We recently launched 'Clinical Skills' and 'Paediatric Dispensing' and are planning to launch 'Contact Lens Aftercare' and 'Managing Contact Lens Complications' very soon.

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