Getting to Grips with Dry Eye - Restructured and Updated


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As Eye Care Professionals more and more of your patients are presenting with the signs and/or symptoms of a tear film disorder. With evolving roles in primary care, you as optometrists, independent prescribing optometrists and contact lens opticians are in an excellent position to treat and manage this complex condition for the benefit of your patients. Improving the level of care you provide for these patients is key to a successful contact lens practice and high patient loyalty.
This unique and comprehensive programme, developed by the Johnson & Johnson Institute, consists of a two-day course sandwiched between pre - and post - course digital elements that will allow you to use the latest clinical methods and new technologies now available for use in practice to help investigate and manage dry eye symptoms. Restructured and updated, to reflect the Tear Film Ocular Society Dry Eye Workshop II (TFOS DEWS II™) report findings, the programme has been developed in collaboration with experts, including those involved in the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, to help Eye Care Professionals use a systematic approach to help them confidently manage dry eye patients successfully

This innovative programme (pre - and post - course digital based distance learning and a two-day face-to-face course) will:

  • Help you understand the different causes of dry eye
  • Guide you through the latest developments of dry eye disease detection and management
  • Enable you to be more confident in recognizing and managing contact lens discomfort associated with dry eye
  • Enable you to confidently investigate and manage more complex cases of dry eye disease
  • Consolidate your understanding by looking at a series of case discussion scenarios
  • Help you implement your newly gained skills and knowledge back into daily practice


  • How to conduct a methodical assessment of the tear film, ocular surface and lids including demonstration of infra-red imaging techniques
  • How to manage gland dysfunction and blepharitis more effectively
  • Practice new investigative and diagnostic techniques, including: lid margin debridement, meibomian gland expression, tear film osmolarity analysis and lid cleansing using Blephex
  • How to select ocular lubricants in a more systematic and effective manner
  • Interact with peers and experts through patient management discussions thereby bringing all key learnings together


  • To understand the principles behind dry eye causes and thereby manage dry eye patients more effectively
  • To be able to adopt new skills and build on existing skills in assessing dry eye patients
  • To be able to select the most appropriate options to manage your patients
  • To be able to confidently investigate and manage more complex cases of dry eye disease
  • To effectively recognize and manage contact lens related dry eye disease
  • To be able to effectively communicate dry eye disease to patients
  • To successfully implement skills and knowledge into daily practice


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