Newly Qualified Optometrist


Having proven your clinical skills and successfully navigated the College of Optometrists’  Scheme for Registration you might feel apprehensive about dealing with patients without the support of your supervisor or mentor. To help you bridge the gap between recently qualifying and practising with confidence that years of experience brings, the Johnson & Johnson Institute has developed a programme to accelerate your development.

This innovative two-day course will:

  • Develop the communication skills and confidence to help you practise unsupervised and build patient loyalty
  • Enhance your clinical skills enabling greater clinical efficiency by understanding the greater intricacies of your new role in practice
  • Give you the knowledge and skills to recommend the most suitable contact lenses to your patients
  • Show you how to make the most of the environment you work in, including making effective recommendations and providing appropriate advice to your patients
  • Provide you with the knowledge and tools to start thinking about the opportunities available in the profession and how to get involved


  • Experience the state-of-the-art facilities of the Johnson & Johnson Institute
  • Take part in a variety of interactive workshops to boost your confidence and ensure you are fulfilling your patients’ visual needs.
  • Discuss and share best practice through a dedicated peer discussion session.
  • Learn how to start taking the first steps to continue building a career in Optometry.


  • Build on your own unique interaction style traits to help you communicate effectively within your practice environment
  • Develop your strengths and identify and overcome weaknesses
  • Leave you better prepared to deal with customers and increase patient value
  • Understand how to make your eye examination more efficient while retaining effectiveness, by appreciating and applying the science behind vision
  • Have a clear understanding of what drives comfort in soft contact lenses and how to communicate this to patients
  • Have a good understanding of how to make the most of the environment you work in and how to effectively plan your own personal development


"Every course I attend at the Johnson & Johnson Institute is invaluable to my progression as an optometrist. The newly qualified course gave me so much to take away. We learnt more about ourselves as communicators and received advice on dealing with difficult situations, as well as getting hands-on experience with an OCT, something I always wanted and which exceeded my expectations."

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