Presbyopia and its Management with Contact Lenses


With the presbyopic population increasing and also maintaining a more varied and active lifestyle, eye care solutions for your presbyopic patients need to keep apace. This course will help you meet these patient needs.

It is estimated that the UK population of over 50s will increase to 24.5m in 15 years, an increase of 24%, and providing excellent eye care to these individuals is going to be a key role of all Eye Care Professionals. With the benefits of improved healthcare and healthy living, the lifestyle of current and future presbyopes is much more active and, as pensionable age increases, their working lives will also be extended. Eye care will play an even greater role and this course will deliver hands-on training to help develop your skills to improve your patients' satisfaction.

This innovative one-day course will:

  • Lead you through a series of peer-to-peer discussions sharing best practice with fellow Eye Care Professionals and tutors who have had success managing presbyopia with contact lenses
  • Present current theories about presbyopia and options for correction
  • Innovative workshops to provide you with skills to communicate presbyopia effectively – even if you haven’t experienced it yourself
  • Provide hands-on workshops that will show you what the relative merits of different forms of contact lens correction are
  • Help you adopt a successful problem-solving approach based on patient feedback
  • Provide you with knowledge and skills to fit presbyopic contact lenses effectively
  • Help you gain necessary skills to deliver patient satisfaction to this increasingly important patient group


  • Pre-course elements with useful materials to ensure you have the maximum benefit from valuable workshops and peer to peer activities whilst you are at the institute.
  • Experience the state-of-the-art facilities of the Johnson & Johnson Institute
  • Take part in a variety of interactive workshops that will take you through how to effectively manage this group of patients and fit them with contact lenses.
  • Use new technology to look at aspects that influence successful presbyopic contact lens wear.
  • Hands-on experience of fitting presbyopic patients.
  • Interact with peers and experts to ensure you are confident to implement successful presbyopic contact lens fitting back in practice.
  • An exciting post course element to complete the programme and ensure you are supported as you put your newly gained skills and knowledge into practice, thereby enhancing the care you provide to your patients.


  • Learn about the demographics of presbyopia and how it is changing in the UK
  • Understand the current theories about accommodation and how it changes with age
  • Learn what patients experiencing presbyopia feel about the condition, their expectations and how to communicate effectively with them including correction options available  
  • Appreciate and understand how ageing not only causes presbyopia, but how it is compounded by other changes in visual function and ocular physiology and the importance of these factors in relation to fitting multifocal contact lenses.
  • Learn how to fit presbyopic contact lenses successfully to deliver patient satisfaction


"Liked being walked through the fitting process with all pros/cons and pitfalls highlighted."

"Well presented, good discussion (able to voice opinions and ask questions easily). Smaller group made this easier. Good to have hands on workshops."

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  • C-62297. This course is accredited for non-interactive CET points for Optometrists (Communication, Contact Lenses) and Contact Lens Opticians (Communication, Contact Lenses) only.   Changing demographics, modern attitudes, more active lifestyles and the fact that many new presbyopes are existing contact lens wearers are all driving growing demand for a spectacle-free solution to presbyopia. This course consists of two modules which covers the fundamentals of presbyopia and reviews the correction options available. They serve to help you appreciate how little patients know about presbyopia and the vision correction options available. This course should take approximately 40-50 minutes to complete. Please complete all modules to obtain 1 CET point, which is available to Optometrists and Contact Lens Opticians only.

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