STEP® Final Year Undergraduate Course

The Johnson & Johnson Institute, Pinewood, Berkshire

Duration: 1

Course Summary

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute would like to welcome you to our highly valued STEP® (Success Through Education Programme) Undergraduate Course. This one-day course will support your contact lens university curriculum and give you confidence to communicate effectively with patients. Developed by professionals, including university lecturers, this course will take your skills to the next level allowing you to apply your contact lens knowledge better.


The institute aims to support your development as Eye Care Professionals through STEP® and this course will introduce you to the whole programme and how it can help you become a highly motivated, patient focused optometrist with high standards of clinical competence and the potential to differentiate you to prospective employers.


This innovative one-day course will :

  • Guide you through a series of discussions on core communication skills.
  • Provide you with a series of hands-on workshops to explore contact lens material properties, soft toric contact lens fitting and slit lamp techniques.
  • Enable you to be more confident in recognizing and managing contact lens discomfort by understanding the influence of material properties.
  • Improve confidence with fitting soft toric contact lenses.
  • Build your slit lamp techniques using our state-of-the-art clinic facilities.
  • Allow you to experience a mock OSCE ring using the new knowledge and skills you have learnt throughout the day.


What the course involves

  • Experience the state-of-the-art facilities at the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute
  • Take part in a variety of interactive workshops to experience new technologies and techniques
  • Interact with peers and experts through patient management discussions
    • Digital post-course elements to ensure that you are supported as you implement your newly gained skills and knowledge into undergraduate clinics
    • The opportunity to sign up to our STEP® Pre-Registration Period which supports you through the Scheme for Registration to becoming Newly Qualified. This support is only available to those who attend this Undergraduate course. Limited places are available to this over-subscribed course


Learning objectives

  • To be able to effectively communicate with patients
  • To be able to confidently consider the impact of contact lens materials on patient comfort.
  • To effectively recognize and manage astigmatism in contact lens wearers.
  • To practice core slit lamp techniques.
  • To successfully implement skills and knowledge into clinical practice.


Note: All the above competencies are taught by your university as they are required by the General Optical Council for you to gain your Certificate of Clinical Competency, so that you can enter your Pre-Registration Period. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute aims to support your university training to help you enhance these competencies.

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